Saturday January 26 2013
Sorrentino: 'Chievo split was bad'

Stefano Sorrentino is ready for his Palermo debut and reveals his emotions at leaving Chievo. “It’s a mixture of joy, anger and disappointment.”

The goalkeeper pushed for this transfer and irritated the Chievo fans when he failed to attend training during the tense negotiations.

He is named in the Rosanero squad for tomorrow’s Serie A game against Cagliari. Click here for a match preview.

“I have many thoughts at this time. It’s a mixture of joy, anger and disappointment for what has been and what happened,” he told L’Arena newspaper.

“My story with Chievo ended in the worst way possible. It’s too easy to say it was just my fault, but I’ll take it. At the age of 33 I am putting myself back out there in one of the most passionate clubs in Italy. “There are many things that annoyed me about the situation, but I am keeping them to myself. I’d urge the Chievo fans to think why I didn’t attend training. Either there was a valid reason or I suddenly went crazy. I’d prefer to say I am just disappointed.

“Why did I leave? Little things combined together to make big things. I believed it when I said I would stay at Chievo, but then things happened to change the situation. I gave my all and Chievo gave me a great deal too.

“It hurts me that this story ended badly and it wasn’t just my fault.”

Palermo squad: Benussi, Brichetto, Sorrentino; Aronica, Dossena, Morganella, Munoz, Von Bergen; Anselmo, Arevalo Rios, Barreto, Brienza, Donati, Formica, Ilicic, Kurtic, Sanseverino; Dybala, Malele, Miccoli

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