Thursday January 31 2013
Zeman committed to Roma

Roma boss Zdenek Zeman says he feels secure in his job. “I want to stay here for another five years.”

The tactician’s future was placed into doubt after the club admitted this week that they were considering his dismissal.

The outfit were unhappy with a Press conference where Zeman suggested there were no rules at the club, while results also dipped.

Do I think my position has been weakened? No, I just think there was a bit of turmoil for a day and then it was all over,” he stated on Thursday.

“I really hope that's where it ends and that people don't think about the episode itself, but instead concentrate on fighting for the cause in the upcoming games.

I think it all came about because of a misunderstanding following my Press conference before the Bologna game.

“The club thought I said what I did for one reason, but I explained that it was for a different reason and we understood each other. I'm glad we're able to continue together for the good of Roma. I'm here to help the club.

“Did I think I was going to get sacked? We spoke and cleared things up the next day. The club told me what they expected from me and I told the directors what I expect from them.

“We see things the same way. We want maximum effort and collaboration from everyone. We want to see an improvement in attitude, behaviour and our position in the standings. If we're not top of the League, there's a reason for it.

“I'd like to spend another five years at Roma.”

Zeman also rejected speculation that he has been told by the club to pick certain players from now on. “They've never interfered before so I don't see why they should now. I select the players I want.”

The Giallorossi are eighth in Serie A. After four games without a win in Serie A, they face Cagliari in Rome on Friday evening.