Saturday February 2 2013
Baldini: 'We had to sack Zeman'

Directors Franco Baldini and Walter Sabatini had a tense confrontation with Roma fans after firing Zdenek Zeman. “This was the only decision we could make.”

The Coach was officially sacked today after a 4-2 home defeat to Cagliari and there was a shouting match with angry supporters outside their office.

“We decided to remove the Coach from his post,” declared director general Baldini.

“This was the only decision we could make. We evaluated the situation and have given the team to Aurelio Andreazzoli, who has our faith.

“Knowing the players, this is the best decision to make at this moment. We spoke to all the management staff and the club owners gave me this responsibility.”

Andreazzoli was Luciano Spalletti’s assistant manager and has remained on staff as a technical coach for several years.

“I am very upset at this situation,” assured director Sabatini. “The season will not end like this. Zeman was unlucky, but you’ll see that the story does not end like this.”

Marco Giampaolo and Walter Novellino have been suggested as short-term replacements for Zeman, as Laurent Blanc reportedly turned down the job.