Saturday February 2 2013
Moggi: 'I knew Zeman would fail'

Luciano Moggi couldn’t help but gloat after Zdenek Zeman was fired by Roma. “I can’t deny I saw it coming. Franco Baldini needs a new Calciopoli.”

Zeman had numerous verbal battles with former Juventus director general Moggi and was sacked this afternoon.

“Unfortunately that’s the way it went for Zeman,” shrugged Moggi on

“I cannot deny I saw it coming and had amply predicted it... In two years of being in charge of the club, Baldini’s results have been absolutely negative. The results and numbers speak for themselves.

“More than another Coach, Baldini would need a new Calciopoli-style situation to turn the table upside down.

“Roma’s results have been disappointing, but there’s no need to be surprised. Zeman and Baldini are what they are. They proved it again this year.”