Saturday February 9 2013
Fiorentina fury after Juve promise 'Hell'

Fiorentina are “speechless” after Juventus posted an official video with a potentially threatening message ahead of today’s game.

The clubs are old rivals and go head-to-head in Turin at 17.00 GMT. Click here for a match preview.

Juve fired up the match by releasing a video on their official website that included the voice-over: “The Viola started the season in Paradise, but are now in Purgatory 13 points behind us.

“For them on Saturday the Juventus Stadium will be Hell. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

Fiorentina patron Andrea Della Valle was told about to the video and was flabbergasted.

“I’m speechless. Are we sure that with the ‘Agnelli Style’ they put that video on their official website? You can comment on it, but I have no words.”

The phrase ‘abandon hope all ye who enter here’ came from Dante’s Divine Comedy, the most famous piece of literature to have come out of Florence. It includes a journey through the Seven Circles of Hell.

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