Sunday February 10 2013
De Rossi: 'Rossi is embarrassing'

Daniele De Rossi has branded Sampdoria Coach Delio Rossi’s behaviour “embarrassing,” while the tactician insists he was “provoked.”

A scuffle broke out in the final minutes of Roma’s 3-1 defeat at Marassi this afternoon and Rossi was spotted flipping his middle finger at Giallorossi players.

He was sent off following a row with Nicolas Andre Burdisso on the touchline.

“I don’t want to judge Rossi, because he is my senior, but I would ask myself questions if I got to my 50s and 60s and behaved like this,” said De Rossi.

“It was embarrassing, especially as it’s not exactly the first nasty incident he has been involved in.”

Rossi was sacked by Fiorentina last year when he physically attacked Adem Ljajic after a substitution.

However, the Sampdoria Coach insisted he had been provoked before reacting with that insulting gesture.

“Francesco Totti and De Rossi know what happened. If I am not provoked, then I do not react. It went the complete opposite to the way Burdisso painted it.”