Tuesday February 12 2013
Marchisio: 'We studied Celtic'

Claudio Marchisio praised Juventus for “a great Champions League” and reveals how they studied Celtic.

The midfielder scored one of the goals in this 3-0 away victory in the first leg of the Round of 16.

“It is a very important victory, especially as we can be a little more concentrated on Serie A. We haven’t passed through yet, but it is a great win in a difficult arena and we put in a fine performance.

“It’s true it is tough to overturn a 3-0 away win, but we must never be certain and always go out there with the same determination.

“This team is having a great Champions League. This was an important signal to ourselves and nobody else. It was crucial to come here and score a goal, but we ended up getting three.”

There were numerous tussles in the box and Marchisio reveals this was planned to block off Celtic’s tactics.

“We saw they scored many goals from corners and with crosses into the box, so tried our best to make it difficult for them.

“It is their nature to be gritty and physical, but we gave as good as we got.”