Wednesday February 13 2013
Collina: 'Granqvist not a penalty'

UEFA’s chief refereeing officer Pierluigi Collina confirms Andreas Granqvist’s handling offence in Juventus-Genoa “cannot be considered” a penalty.

There was much debate around the incident, which saw Coach Antonio Conte and defender Leonardo Bonucci handed two-match bans for insulting referee Marco Guida.

The Italian Referees’ Association eventually ruled it should not have been a penalty and Collina now confirms UEFA share the same view.

“Reading the criteria for a handling offence, Granqvist kicks the ball on to his hand while stretching. In that position, it cannot be considered deliberate,” Collina told Radio Sportiva.

He also insisted Juventus striker Alessandro Matri’s goal against Celtic last night would’ve stood even if Claudio Marchisio had not followed it up.

The goal had originally been awarded to Marchisio, even though Matri’s shot had already crossed the line.

“I can assure you the goal had already been awarded by the goal line referee, so I don’t understand what the complaints are about,” said Collina.

“There was just a small delay in the message getting through, as there will always be if we calculate the game was moving very quickly and the official had difficulty making himself heard due to the deafening noise at Celtic Park.”

Collina is widely considered to be the best referee in football history and retired in 2005.

“I do really miss being on the field. Every now and then I enjoy officiating a charity match, but I do not have nostalgia for the rest of it, especially the chaos and controversy of a Monday morning.

“Other than the big Finals, I like to remember my last game. It meant a lot to me and was so long it felt like the players wanted to give me a hand by making my final appearance stretch out to penalties!”

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