Wednesday February 13 2013
Rossi: 'I won't apologise to Burdisso'

Delio Rossi received a two-match ban for making an offensive gesture at Nicolas Burdisso, but refuses to apologise to the Roma defender. “He elbows and spits at players.”

The Sampdoria Coach was sent off in the final minutes of their 3-1 win over Roma for sparking a scuffle on the touchline and was photographed showing the middle finger gesture to Burdisso, who was on the opposite bench.

“I will not accept being insulted without reason,” Rossi told Il Messaggero newspaper today.

“I was giving tactical indications to my players when Burdisso insulted me from a distance. How can a professional behave like this with a Coach? I cannot stay calm when I am insulted. Looking back, I can say I went too far, but I did not have the strength to hold myself back.”

Rossi is not new to such problems, as he was fired by Fiorentina last season for physically attacking Adem Ljajic after the player reacted sarcastically to his substitution.

“I respect everyone and I want to be respected. Why should I apologise? Burdisso can’t give me lessons on how to behave. Someone who elbows and spits at players should just shut up.

“Those who set the example are Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Del Piero and Andrea Pirlo, certainly not him.

“I am sorry that I showed the middle finger, but it was not towards the Giallorossi fans, who I have respect for.

“I am not looking for an alibi, as I will pay for my gesture, but I don’t want to be talked about as a ‘monster.’ Some people immediately used the incident for their own ends.

“I fell into the trap and must be more wary in future. My intention is not to get back into these ugly incidents, but I don’t know if I will manage it. I will try hard to hold myself back in every situation.”