Friday February 15 2013
Celtic to send Juve DVD to UEFA

Celtic will ask UEFA for their view on the way Juventus defended at set-pieces in their Champions League tie on Tuesday.

The Old Lady won the game 3-0, but Celtic boss Neil Lennon was less than impressed with the referee’s decision to not punish the “grappling” tactics of the Italians.

“As I said after the game, 10 or 11 years ago we got a penalty against Juventus in the exact same circumstances,” the former midfielder noted.

“The player was warned about grappling with Chris Sutton, the corner comes in, he did it again and the referee gave a penalty. Have the rules changed since then?

“You don't see our players doing that. There were pictures of the shirt coming off Gary Hooper's back - credit to him for keeping his cool.

“We needed a strong referee and we didn't have that,” he continued. “We'll compile a DVD and send it off and just look for an explanation on some of the decisions. The referee didn’t do his job.

“It's a myth that Juventus did their homework. That's rubbish. Juventus defend like that week-in, week-out in Serie A.

“If anything we had done our homework and we made sure the referee was aware of it and he was looking at it time and again and Juventus went unpunished.

“Gianluca Vialli said we should have had two penalties. Former referees Graham Poll and Dermot Gallagher…

“Trevor Francis said that even in his time playing in Italy it was never as blatant as what we saw the other night, so these guys can't all be wrong and the referee right.”

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