Saturday February 16 2013
Totti: 'Great Roma character'

Francesco Totti praised Roma’s “great character” to beat Juventus and apologised profusely to Andrea Pirlo.

The captain spoke after he scored a spectacular goal, clocked at 113km/h, in tonight’s 1-0 victory.

“I hoped for this, as we don’t deserve our current position. The team always tries to give its all for ourselves and the fans. Unfortunately lately we haven’t achieved that.

“Only with great character could we beat a team like Juventus. It was normal that at the start we were timid, as we are coming off a very difficult time and Juve are among the best teams in Europe.

“We held out in the first half, then stepped up and were able to get the victory.”

It was their first win of 2013, however Totti also warned the fans and local media not to suddenly go overboard with their expectations.

“At Roma it is very easy to go over the top after a victory. I think we must keep our feet on the ground, take it one Sunday at a time and see where we end up. I hope what I said this week helped everyone a little bit.”

Totti was also booked for catching Pirlo on the knee with his studs, causing a nasty cut, and was extremely apologetic.

“It isn’t like me to do a foul like that. He anticipated me and I was really sorry, but thankfully he was able to continue.”