Wednesday February 20 2013
Abbiati: 'No sweat...'

Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati admits he didn’t have to sweat against Barcelona, not really making a save.

“I was sweaty with tension! These games are always unpredictable, but we are all happy to have achieved a great victory against a huge team,” he said of the 2-0 Champions League triumph.

“We made it very difficult for Barcelona, as we could’ve also scored in the first half. We prepared well for this game and the Coach told us exactly what to do. I compliment my teammates, as even the strikers came back to help out and put Barcelona under pressure.

“We were all very concentrated and didn’t allow Barça any opportunities, then did well to go on the counter,” Abbiati told Mediaset.

“We knew Barcelona would keep possession, so adapted to that and focused on blocking off their through passes.

“They are very good at pushing up the midfielders, so that was what we were worried about. They don’t generally shoot from distance, though we forced them into it towards the end.

“At the Camp Nou it’s going to be another battle.”