Thursday February 21 2013
Lotito: 'Lazio fans don't stab'

President Claudio Lotito insists two of the three Germans stabbed in Rome “barely noticed” and asked media not to “label these delinquents as Lazio fans.”

There were three stabbings in different incidents ahead of tonight’s Europa League match between Lazio and Borussia Monchengladbach.

None of the injuries are life-threatening, as two were stabbed in the buttocks and one in the hip.

“I would like to put these incidents in context,” Lazio President Lotito told Sky Sport Italia.

“I spoke to the police and was told two of them weren’t actually stabbings, as the people barely noticed the contact.

“I would also urge the media not to label the protagonists of all these incidents as ‘Lazio fans.’ Rome is a metropolis and as such is inhabited also by bad people.

“For example, there is no suggestion so far that those behind these incidents were part of Lazio’s organised fan groups.

“Nobody is trying to justify this behaviour, but I say this because I am in constant contact with the police and want to understand if these people really are linked with Lazio.

“In my view they should do a quick trial and send them to prison for some time, so they don’t have the chance to do it again.”

This is not the first time one of Lazio’s Europa League games has seen violence, as Tottenham fans were attacked in a Rome bar before their group phase match earlier this season.

Police discovered the large group of hooligans staging the attack were mixed, including Lazio and Roma ultras with members of Far Right political parties.