Saturday February 23 2013
Inter ultras: 'No Balotelli racism'

The Inter ultras have released statements, posters and flyers telling their members they can insult Mario Balotelli during the Derby, as long as they avoid racist abuse.

There is tension ahead of Sunday night’s game, as Inter have already been fined for their fans aiming racist chants at ex-Nerazzurri star Balotelli following his move to arch-rivals Milan.

Balotelli is expected to start on Sunday evening and the Curva Nord ultras organisation is in overdrive to ensure things go smoothly.

“Everyone will be sitting there expecting our thuggish behaviour,” read a statement from the Curva Nord.

“We will not give those who are waiting for us any opportunity to open their mouths. They, nor their President, will get themselves good publicity off our backs.

“Jeer him, whistle and feel free to express your dissent, but avoid monkey noises and expressions that reference the colour of his skin.”

There are posters and flyers will be handed out at the entrance to San Siro on Sunday, urging fans to keep their insults to specific targets.

“We must avoid creating a situation where we get painted as this week’s ‘evildoers.’ Any ultras who gets himself punished for Mario Balotelli is spitting himself in the face.

“We are counting on your maturity, people.”