Sunday February 24 2013
Ambro: 'Cassano and Balotelli...'

Massimo Ambrosini is ready for his 20th Derby della Madonnina and reveals the difference between Mario Balotelli and Antonio Cassano.

Both Italy strikers will face their former clubs this evening at San Siro. Click here for a match preview.

“I had a good rapport with Cassano, but it was obvious he wasn’t happy. Therefore he needed to find something to justify changing club,” Ambrosini told the Corriere dello Sport.

“Balotelli is quieter and still young enough to be naive, whereas Cassano is more dramatic. Mario is accustomed to being in the spotlight, but he’ll have to be particularly good at handling the pressure this time. He seems pretty relaxed.”

This will be Ambrosini’s 20th Milan Derby and he looked both back and forward.

“The 2003 Champions League Derby in the semi-final was the most wonderful, although the tension was unbelievable. It’s lucky we played both legs in six days, otherwise we might’ve collapsed.

“This game will be an important test in terms of our mentality. We must see if we’re good enough to turn enthusiasm into strength.

“The victory over Barcelona gave us great enthusiasm, but can also be dangerous, as sometimes it is better to go into a Derby as the underdogs with something to prove.”

It could in theory also be Ambrosini’s final Derby della Madonnina.

“I scored my first Serie A goal against Inter when I was playing for Vicenza. I’d pay good money to get a goal tonight! It would be like coming full circle.

“I’d like to continue playing, but we know the club is looking to renewal and bringing in youth, so we’ll see. If I were to leave Milan, I certainly would not join another Italian club.”

Ambro also made a pledge in case of a Milan victory against Inter.

“Sulley Muntari has taken control of the stereo in the locker room and is constantly pelting us with R’n’B music. Seeing as I don’t like it, if we win the Derby I’ll knock it all down and turn on Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run at full volume.”

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