Saturday March 2 2013
Conte: 'No Mazzarri handshake'

Antonio Conte revealed his rapport with Napoli Coach Walter Mazzarri has hit rock bottom. “We didn’t shake hands or even look at each other. It’s better that way.”

The Juventus tactician has often exchanged barbed comments with Mazzarri, but they were actively staying apart during last night’s 1-1 draw at the San Paolo.

“Did I have a row with Mazzarri during the game? No, I never spoke with Mazzarri. Never, never, never,” said Conte in his Press conference.

“We didn’t even shake hands. I can assure you we didn’t even look at each other. Each to their own bench. It’s better that way.”

Conte then lambasted Napoli and the media for ‘pressuring’ the refereeing designator Stefano Braschi into appointing Daniele Orsato for the big game.

“I criticised referees and I paid for it, again and again and again. When I make a mistake, I always take responsibility and say ‘I got it wrong.’ Others never seem to make a mistake and always pin the responsibility on someone else.

“Braschi has been put under huge pressure to choose the right referee for this game. A certain newspaper mounted a campaign all week against Nicola Rizzoli. I am not just making this up, it is clear to see.

“If we have reached this point, to pressurise and change Braschi’s decisions... Braschi has to be left alone to do his job.

“The referees are all talented and everyone makes mistakes, we must all just deal with it. When they get it wrong, I admit that I sometimes get angry and pay the price with fines and bans.”

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