Sunday March 3 2013
Ballardini: 'Refs lack common sense'

Davide Ballardini criticised the referee for a lack of “common sense” after his bizarre red card and dubious incidents in Genoa’s 3-1 defeat to Roma.

The Coach was sent off for dissent in the second half, but revealed he had actually been shouting at his own players.

“I was telling my players to put the ball out of play, seeing as Daniel Osvaldo had been down injured for some time,” explained Ballardini.

“Referee Gervasoni then sent me off. I don’t see what I had done wrong. I think the first rule ought to be to show common sense, but it’s evident that common sense is the exception rather than the rule in Italy.”

Juraj Kucka was shown a second yellow card for trying to stamp on Francesco Totti, but the opening Roma goal came from a debatable penalty.

“Totti is a champion and ought to be respected, but so must everyone else. I don’t see what Kucka did wrong. Our referees are often excessively caught in the spotlight of star players.

“Tonight Genoa put in a great performance. It’s the first time that I feel ready to compliment my players, as we did very well against a quality side.

“The idea was to stay tight and attack with Marco Borriello, plus the wingers, keeping the ball to feet. We did that all pretty well tonight. It’s a shame we lost, but playing like this we are convinced Genoa will give us some great moments.

“We are not safe from the threat of relegation yet and must continue pushing forward.”