Wednesday March 13 2013
Chivu questions Inter play

Cristian Chivu has admitted that he’s concerned with the way his struggling Inter side are playing right now.

“The worry at the moment is that we're not playing good football,” he told Sky Sport Italia. “So that's what we're working on, mentally and physically.

“Boss Andrea Stramaccioni? I think his main concern is getting on with the job,” the defender commented as uncertainty grows over the Coach’s future.

“I'm sure everyone realises that he's done everything possible, but we all know that the Coach is the first one to take the fall, followed by the players and so on.

“There's only one way out of this and that's through hard graft.”

Inter have won just three of their last 12 games in Serie A and lost 3-0 in the first leg of their Europa League game against Tottenham last week.

“We're paying the price for all the problems we've had, the fact that we've been playing three games a week and because of all the changes made in August,” Chivu explained.

“There are lots of reasons, it would takes hours to go into it all properly. Now we have to improve and start doing better than we have done until now.

“What I see and what I hear is that every time Inter lose a game it gets made out to be a catastrophe, but when teams above us lose the same thing doesn't happen. I think there should be consistency across the board.

“Why does it happen? Because some teams are protected and others aren't.”

The former Roma man was also asked about the feelings of Inter chief Massimo Moratti given the side’s recent results.

“He's right to be angry, just as we are. And it's right that our fans should be angry.”