Saturday March 16 2013
Guidolin: 'No Udinese miracle'

Francesco Guidolin has given up on European qualification with Udinese and admitted “miracles do not always happen.”

The Friulani were beaten 3-1 by Catania this evening, most likely ending their hopes of featuring in Europe next season.

“I am satisfied with the performance and the result does not accurately reflect the game,” insisted the Coach.

“We made a mistake at the start of the second half and straight after that conceded another goal, but the game was still alive.

“The only regret is that we should’ve scored in the first half. Although many of our players were missing, we did not complain about that, nor fear this match. Our young players ought to believe in themselves more.

“Catania deserve our compliments and now they can truly dream. We never talked about Europe, but of staying in the top half of the table. We achieved safety 10-12 rounds early and from now on will just try to get as many points as possible.

“We achieved miracles in the past, but miracles do not always happen.”