Sunday March 17 2013
Caceres in hospital after crash

Juventus defender Martin Caceres is in hospital after a car crash last night in Turin, but is not in serious condition and avoided fractures.

“He arrived in hospital with a cut to the head, which was immediately stitched up, and one to the cheekbone. He did not sustain any fractures,” read a statement from Juventus.

“Caceres will remain in hospital today and should be released tomorrow.”

It is reported he has a heavy bruise on his leg that will keep him off the field for 30 days and might even undergo plastic surgery for the cuts to his face.

The Uruguayan was travelling in Turin down Via Nizza at around 3.20am local time on his Porsche Cayenne.

A car coming from Corso Dante sped up as the traffic lights were about to turn red, did not respect right of way and the two vehicles collided.

It’s claimed Caceres and his car were sent flying on to the entrance of the underground station.

The 25-year-old was taken to the trauma unit at the Maria Adelaide hospital in Turin, but his condition is not serious.

Caceres was on the bench in last night’s 2-0 victory at Bologna.