Tuesday March 19 2013
David Beckham Infographic

Back in January of 2013 when rumours of David Beckham’s possible move to Milan had reached a fever pitch, football fans across the world and Serie A fans alike, were on the edge of their seats.

After all, he had played for the Rossoneri, on loan from LA Galaxy, on two occasions in 2009 and 2010, so the prospects that Beckham might really, actually be making Milan his new home, were well founded.

However, nearly as soon as the buzz had reached its crescendo, hopeful Serie A and Milan fans were crushed to hear the football star would actually be making France’s Ligue 1 his home, joining the iconic Paris St-Germain club. The real kicker? He’d be donating his salary to charity, making him one of the most generous football players ever and one of the lowest paid players in the French League. 

Of course, this news was carefully tailored to generate as many dopamine enducing headlines as possible, but it left us all feeling a bit perplexed. That’s why we decided to dig up some dirt on Beckham’s deal with PSG – resulting in this fascinating infographic showcasing all the reasons no one should be too concerned for the star’s financial situation…

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