Sunday March 24 2013
Borja Valero: 'My best season'

Borja Valero notes the differences between football in Spain and Italy in the push for a Champions League spot. “Perhaps this is my best season.”

The Viola are in fourth place and just three points shy of Milan in the race for a spot in Europe’s most prestigious tournament.

Spanish players tend to struggle in Serie A, but the former Villarreal midfielder is enjoying his debut season.

“I am happy that the fans appreciate me. It’s magnificent to hear them chanting my name, especially as I am not a striker,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“It is more difficult to make your mark and stand out without scoring goals. Perhaps this is my best season and I hope to remain on this level. Am I the symbol of the Viola? No, the symbol is the team and Vincenzo Montella’s football, as following those it’s easy to look stronger.

“Montella is a winner. Even when we are leading a game, you can see if he doesn’t like something as he gets very angry.

“President Andrea Della Valle is with us all the time and seeing him so hungry for success is important. In Spain the Presidents are calm and detached, so it’s a new experience for me.”

Borja Valero has been joined by another ex-Villarreal teammate in Florence, as Giuseppe Rossi arrived in January.

“He is in the right place. Our style of football is perfect for him and Giuseppe is perfect for us. Now he just has to focus on recovering from his knee injury.

“Stevan Jovetic is also ideal and he wants to do everything right, taking Fiorentina as high as possible. We’ll fight to the end for the Champions League.

“I dream of going to the World Cup in Brazil, but I know it’ll be practically impossible. I’m happy to see Spain win, though of course I’d love to be there too.”

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