Sunday March 24 2013
Buffon: 'Racism is a disease'

Gianluigi Buffon agrees with Kevin-Prince Boateng that “racism in football is like malaria and must be wiped out, but it’s different from general mickey-taking.”

This week Milan midfielder Boateng gave a speech to the UN on the problem of racist abuse in the sport.

“Boateng is right, racism in football is like malaria and must be wiped out,” Buffon told Rai Sport.

“It is a delicate issue. It’s right to stigmatise certain incidents and there are some truly very seriously offensive insults. It’s different from general mickey-taking.”

Buffon was asked about his private life and what he’s like at home with his slippers on.

“It’s not something you see often! I have too many professional commitments for that. I am a perfectly normal person, though. I stay home with my family, change nappies and read fairy tales to my kids.

“My wife is a great cook, so she focuses on that area. When I lived alone in Parma I’d do my own cooking and my speciality was pasta with tuna.

“Am I jealous? No. I like respect and trust, as if there is love then these ingredients are crucial. I have many hobbies and passions, as I’d really like to learn English.”

Buffon was also impressed by Pope Francis I, the new pontiff.

“He has a wonderful face and a wonderful soul too. He has the face I dreamed a Pope should have.”

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