Tuesday March 26 2013
Toni: 'Jovetic, Arsenal not a top club'

Luca Toni has advised Stevan Jovetic to ignore Arsenal’s calls, for “they are not better than Fiorentina. If he has to leave, make it for a real top club.”

The World Cup winning striker is well-travelled, securing titles with Bayern Munich, and nearing the end of his career.

Viola teammate Jovetic admitted today he is tempted by proposals from the Gunners, but Toni warns it would not be a step up.

“I tell him to think carefully before leaving Florence, as there is an important project here,” Toni told ANSA news agency.

“If he has to leave, then make it for a real top club. Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United fit that bill, but Arsenal are not better than Fiorentina.

“We’ll talk about my own contract renewal over the next few weeks. There are no problems for me or the club and I think we’ll resolve the issue within a month.”