Friday April 5 2013
Simoni rubbishes West age change

Former Inter boss Gigi Simoni has laughed off suggestions that Taribo West was 35, not 23, when he signed for Inter.

Partizan Belgrade chief Zarko Zecevic claimed yesterday that the Nigerian defender was actually 40-years-old when he joined the Serbian side in 2002.

Meaning that the full-back was 35 in 1997 when he arrived at San Siro, not the 23 he reported to be.

However, his Coach at the time believes that it is nonsense.

“How can he remove four or five years, let alone 12?” the 74-year-old questioned to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I just cannot believe it. His running, shooting and closing down was that of a man in his 20s.

“With Inter he played 65 games. He was good, reliable.

“In Africa we are used to stories of players changing their age a bit, but only by one or two years.

“12 is a huge amount.”