Friday April 5 2013
Lotito loses FIGC election

Lazio President Claudio Lotito lost the vote to become FIGC Vice-President, coming behind Demetrio Albertini and Carlo Tavecchio.

The election in the Federation was held this afternoon in the Rome headquarters.

It was an important decision because candidates Tavecchio, Albertini and Mario Macalli had all been Vice-Presidents over the last four years, but as of 2013 the number of positions is reduced to two.

Tavecchio (representing the amateur leagues) and Albertini (representing the AIC – Players Association) won the election with 12 and 10 votes respectively.

Lazio President Lotito had pushed for his inclusion as representative of the Lega Serie A, but stopped short on nine votes.

The Federation President remains Giancarlo Abete.