Friday April 5 2013
Cagliari can't play in Trieste either

Cagliari are back to square one, as after announcing all their home games this season will be played in Trieste, that stadium was also ruled out.

The Sardinians sent a letter to the Quartu Sant’Elena council this week confirming they were leaving the Is Arenas stadium, which has been plagued by problems and almost always forced to host games behind closed doors.

Today Cagliari director Francesco Marroccu announced the remaining home ties this season would be played at the Stadio Nereo Rocco in Trieste.

However, this evening Trieste sports authority figure Bruno D’Agostino pointed out this is impossible because the Stadio Rocco is undergoing reconstruction work on its video surveillance system that will not be completed until the end of April.

“We were completely surprised by Cagliari’s request to play here,” said D’Agostino. “The work has already been started and it’s not possible to do anything else now.

“Maybe they could play the final two games here in May, but first we must complete the work.”

Cagliari are due to host Inter on April 14, but still do not know where the Serie A match will be played or if fans will be allowed in.