Friday April 5 2013
All-clear for Cagliari in Trieste

Confusion over Cagliari’s home venue continues, as while Trieste council say they can’t use the Stadio Nereo Rocco, the Lega Serie A claim they can.

The Sardinians have left the Is Arenas after a series of problems which saw most of their home games played behind closed doors.

Today director general Francesco Marroccu announced they would be playing their remaining home matches at the Stadio Nereo Rocco in Trieste.

The Trieste council then warned that would not be possible, as the stadium needs to undergo emergency reconstruction work on the video surveillance system, which won’t be completed until the end of April.

However, there was another twist in the tale this evening, as the Lega Serie A inspected the Stadio Rocco and insisted it could host the next game against Inter on April 14.

It is reported the Lega ruled the work can be completed in the next couple of weeks.