Saturday April 6 2013
Pallotta: 'Roma have a strategy'

Roma President James Pallotta flew in for Monday’s derby and assured “there is a strategy” to bring in new investors.

The patron arrived today from Boston and spoke to Tele Radio Stereo ahead of the showdown with Lazio. Click here for a match preview.

“There is a strategy for new investors. We did everything we said we’d do and invested all the money we promised,” insisted Pallotta.

“If you want to hear the truth then speak to me. The rest is speculation and most of it is misinterpreted. We put everything we needed to into the club, we made a commitment and have every intention of maintaining it.”

The President also praised directors Walter Sabatini and Franco Baldini.

“Sabatini and Baldini did great work in constructing the squad. We can compete on the field with the top teams.”