Tuesday April 9 2013
Polito: 'Inter can't complain!'

Atalanta goalkeeper Ciro Polito has blasted Inter President Massimo Moratti for his complaints. “They should focus on how they went from 3-1 to 3-4 in 12 minutes...”

The Nerazzurri are still fuming after the 4-3 home defeat on Sunday night, as a penalty was awarded for a non-existent Walter Samuel handling offence.

“We played the perfect game in the second half and won a spectacular match,” Polito told ItaSportPress.

“I will just say that Inter are a big club and can’t be complaining about a penalty awarded to Atalanta, especially as they were still 3-2 up after that goal. That would be a huge mistake.

“They should instead focus on their own problems, seeing as they went from 3-1 to 3-4 in 12 minutes against a team of a much lower stature.

“If we want to really pick at every decision, then I’ll point out on Inter’s second goal there was a foul on Guglielmo Stendardo that nobody noticed.

“I was on the pitch that night and what I saw was an Inter side set out badly and with no ideas.”