Wednesday April 10 2013
Pandev steps up to spot for Napoli

Goran Pandev has the ability to become Napoli’s new penalty taker given the spot-kick issues of Edinson Cavani.

Although the Uruguayan international is the League’s top scorer thanks to 22 goals in 28 games, he has missed three penalties this season – the last in Sunday’s 2-0 win over Genoa.

“Pandev has taken penalties in all competitions and he is thus ready to become the new penalty taker,” his agent Carlo Pallavicino told Radio Kiss Kiss. “He’s also good at free-kicks.”

Cavani has basically missed one in every three penalties since joining the Azzurri and that has raised doubts about his ability in that area of his game.

“He is an extraordinary striker, but he’s not a penalty taker,” Beppe Savoldi, who netted 45 in his Serie A career, told Il Mattino.

“He’s not cool when he kicks from the spot.

“When you take a penalty you have to look at the goalkeeper and have the calmness to change corner at the last moment.

“To me it seems as if Cavani chooses the same corner and just hits the ball hard. It’s better to place the ball, even if goalkeepers today do study their opponents a lot more than in the past.”

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