Wednesday April 10 2013
Rome Derby 'closed doors risk'

The Rome Prefect has warned the Derby della Capitale “could be played behind closed doors” if trouble between the fans continues.

There were clashes in the city before the 1-1 draw between Roma and Lazio on Monday night that saw several arrests and minor stab wounds.

Rome Prefect Giuseppe Pecoraro stated from now on he would not allow an evening kick-off in the Derby due to security concerns, but could take things even further.

“The preparations we’ll take will help to normalise the situation,” Pecoraro told RaiSport1.

“They can also be a signal to the fans. If it’s still not enough, then we will think of more drastic measures, such as playing behind closed doors or moving the game to another venue.

“It would be very damaging to all the supporters.”

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