Wednesday April 17 2013
Maldini: Italian clubs need money

Italian football needs fresh funds if clubs are to once again compete with Europe’s best sides, says Paolo Maldini.

The Milan legend, in an interview with Reuters, underlined that Serie A outfits need a serious cash injection if they are to compete in the Champions League.

“There is no other way to reach that kind of level,” the Italy and Milan hero noted. “You have to invest money to compete with the great teams in Europe.”

The former defender used Juventus’ 4-0 aggregate loss to Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the European Cup as an example of the gap between Italy’s best and Europe’s super powers.

“Juventus are a great team, especially in Italy, but when you compete with a team like Bayern, you can see the difference,” he added.

“They need at least two or three more great players.”

Money is tight in the Italian game right now and Maldini believes that clubs need to be put into a position to increase their revenue.

“In Italy we still have laws that don't work,” he added. “Everyone is losing money in Italian football, it’s crazy.

“If you go outside the San Siro you can see people selling fake merchandising. You can't allow this.

“Then you have old stadiums, very old stadiums.

“Above all we need to learn from Leagues that make money from sports rather than lose money.”