Tuesday April 23 2013
20 Great Italian Games: Preview #1

Why Inter sent their lambs to Juventus slaughter

Hundreds of people in raincoats or carrying umbrellas huddled round the pitch of the old Stadio Comunale in Turin. They had turned out in numbers too great for the stadium to hold and poured out onto the touchlines instead. Legend has it some of them even ended up sitting in the dugouts that Sunday afternoon in April. They thought they had come to see a title showdown but ended up, inadvertently, provoking one of the most controversial conclusions ever to a Serie A season.

It is tempting to think that the intense rivalry between Juventus and Inter revolves around the Calciopoli scandal of 2006. The vitriolic exchanges from that dark chapter of the Italian game still echo to this day. But the truth is that the Derby D’Italia has been filled with more venom than a killer cobra for as long as most students of the Scudetto can remember. One of its most poisonous plotlines was played out more than half a century ago...

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