Wednesday April 24 2013
FIGC consider cutting Serie A down

FIGC Vice-President Demetrio Albertini confirmed reducing Serie A to 18 or even 16 teams “could be the path to follow.”

Numerous Italian clubs and players have suggested cutting the current 20-team tournament down would be of huge benefit to the sides as well as the Nazionale.

“Reducing the number of teams in Serie A could be the path to follow,” Albertini told Radio 101.

“It would reduce costs and make the tournament more competitive as well as intriguing.”

Serie A had 16 teams from 1967 to 1998, then increased to 18 and was bumped up to 20 in 2004.

Whereas four teams used to be relegated to Serie B each summer, that figure is now just three.

Clubs have also asked for a third non-EU player to be allowed into the country for every transfer session, but Albertini was less open to this.

“At the moment nobody has put forward an official request. If we do receive a proposal, then we’ll discuss it within the Federation.”