Thursday April 25 2013
Fortunato remembered by Juventus

Italian champions Juventus have remembered former player Andrea Fortunato on the anniversary of his death.

The left-back, an Italian international, passed away on this day in 1995 after he was diagnosed with leukaemia.

“A kind, well-mannered lad,” the club’s website wrote on Thursday. “A player of undoubted talent and unquestionable integrity.

“A warm smile, snatched away from us 18 years ago by the cruel hand of fate. Andrea Fortunato left us on 25 April 1995, not yet 24, having lost his battle with leukaemia.

“But that smile of his remains etched in our memories because it never deserted him, not till his dying day. And that’s a lesson for us all.

“It’s almost as if Andrea wanted to teach us, with his smile, to live life and all its battles as serenely as he did.

“To remind us that it’s OK to lose battles sometimes, but you must never, ever, feel beaten. And for that we thank you, Andrea. We'll never forget the example you set.”

The Turin giants netted the former Como and Pisa man in the summer of 1993 after an impressive season at Genoa.