Monday April 29 2013
A diagnosis of Zanetti’s injury

Italy team doctor Enrico Castellacci expects Inter’s Javier Zanetti to be out for at least six months after snapping his Achilles tendon.

The Argentine picked up the problem on Sunday, in the loss at Palermo, and Castellacci was asked for his professional opinion on the injury by Radio Sportiva.

“It’s disappointing that such an injury has been sustained by an exemplary athlete,” the Azzurri medic said of the Argentine.

“This is a common and serious injury. A tendon snaps because of degenerative issues, so there was probably something happening already and it broke.

“An operation is the only option now.

“How long will he be out for? When you consider the professionalism and desire of Zanetti then he could perhaps be back within six months, but that is really what we are looking at.

“The fact that he is almost 40-years-old could also be a hindrance, but you have to be optimistic given that we are talking about Javier Zanetti.”