Saturday May 4 2013
Conte: 'Scudetto, then my future'

Antonio Conte insists Juventus “must win the Scudetto tomorrow” against Palermo, but drops a big hint he is considering his future at the club.

The Bianconeri need only one point to mathematically clinch the title and the party is ready in Turin on Sunday afternoon, but Palermo are eager to spoil it because they are desperate for points to avoid relegation. Click here for a match preview.

“We must win the Scudetto tomorrow,” began Conte in his Press conference. “We can go over the finish line and we have to do it, without ifs or buts. It has been a tough year, a tiring one and we’ve been top of the table from the first round. That is a rare but wonderful achievement.

“In two years we went above and beyond expectations, which is thanks to everyone, from President Andrea Agnelli to director Beppe Marotta and the team. I trust my players and often ask them for their opinions.

“When I arrived many predicted we’d qualify for the Europa League by this stage. Today we’re on the verge of a second consecutive title. We’ve raised the bar, but I wonder by how much, considering we’ve achieved the maximum results.”

Juve could take the Scudetto on May 5, the 11th anniversary of the date they won the title in the final round of the 2001-02 campaign, leapfrogging Inter in a dramatic last 90 minutes.

Conte has repeatedly shot down links with a move abroad to PSG, Manchester United or Real Madrid by confirming his love for Juventus, but in today’s Press conference dropped a big hint that it might not be enough.

“The future... Everything that has happened in these two years is down to the planning done by me and the club. We left absolutely nothing to chance.

“Having said that, it’s only right that at the end of every season it’s right to sit down and confront our viewpoints. We will evaluate every situation to understand what we can do out of respect for the fans, the club, the players and for me.

“Conte the man wants to stay 100 per cent at Juventus. Then there is Conte the professional who, out of respect for the fans, the club and himself, has to get a clear idea of the whole situation.

“The professional needs to look at himself and understand, seeing as we have come from two extraordinary years, how to keep raising that bar. I never thought about money, which I proved in the past at Bari and Atalanta. That is totally irrelevant to me.

“As for the rest... We are in early May and are fortunate enough to be in a position where we can play out next season. Anyone who thinks we do that in January or February is kidding themselves. I don’t think there will be a disconnect between the professional and the man, or at least I hope not.”