Sunday May 5 2013
Del Piero: 'Watching Juve win...'

Alessandro Del Piero sent a moving message to his former Juventus teammates. “I never thought what it’d be like to see this team win without me.”

The legend left the Bianconeri last summer after another Scudetto celebration, but is now in Sydney watching today’s title celebrations from afar.

“Since I left Juventus, I’ve never thought  what it’d be like to see this team win without me,” he wrote on his website

“I never did, until a few days ago, when the numbers of the rankings secured the second title in a row, after the one of the Great Return. 

“I tried to imagine it, but in my "film" the images were rather blurred: the final whistle, my friends who rejoice, the cup ready to be lifted, the roar of our supporters. And at this point, with the roar of fans, everything starts to become sharper, and come into focus. The leading actors are the fans. You, guys, are the leading actors.

“For those who play football,  at least for me, it’s great to see fans rejoice, hear them shout for joy, make them explode with excitement and happiness .

“That's why when the "movie" from my mind moved to reality, when Juventus has won again the title (what a nice verb  is "to win again" ...), my first thought was about those who were celebrating this victory. And this time I am one of them.

“I want to applaud to my teammates, to a fantastic team, that will always stay in my heart. A round of applauses to Gigi, who deserved to lift the trophy as captain.

“I applaud to all who dedicated this triumph to me last year, I'm happy to exchange this gesture: to re-affirm that you are the best is a great challenge. My applauses to the work of the society, to the technical staff, and to all those who work behind the scenes.

“Who knows Juventus well,  is well aware that it's just not possible to stop at one victory. You have to win once again. And again and again.



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