Tuesday May 7 2013
Conte wants a Euro Juventus

Antonio Conte is already thinking about the Juventus of tomorrow, while he admits that he was contacted by the Old Lady in 2009.

In a revealing interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport, the tactician touched on a number of subjects just days after winning his second consecutive League championship.

“My wife has told me to at least enjoy this Scudetto for a couple of days, but I can’t,” he admitted.

“I’m also a character who doesn’t really show his feelings, but that is not to say that I’m not experiencing them.

“Both Scudetti were beautiful and complicated,” he continued.

“The first was unexpected, we were not favourites and perhaps not even considered. We beat a battleship like Milan and to remain unbeaten all season was a masterpiece.

“To confirm yourselves as champions is never easy, as the others are waiting for you and we also had the Champions League to navigate.”

After conquering Italy, Conte has made it very clear that he now wants to be put into a position to challenge for the Champions League.

“It makes me laugh when I hear certain things, like when people say that Juventus need just two players to win the Champions League. That’s a superficial and presumptuous argument.

“The reality is different – the top is some distance away as the UEFA rankings demonstrate. It’s not just an economical issue either. Certainly money helps, but that is not enough.

“Bayern Munich is a model to follow. A serious project which started years ago with Van Gaal, that has included burning losses that enhanced the ferocity of their players.

“At the base of all success is organisation of play, a club who are prepared to go down a precise path with targeted investments and an eye on the youth system. That’s the only way you can change.”

Conte is now set for talks with Juve officials to see whether they share the same view in what lies ahead, especially in terms of transfer targets.

“Will I stay? The players and the club deserve respect. I’ll speak about these things with the President and with director general Marotta.

“Who do I want between Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Luis Suarez and Gonzalo Higuain? You can’t say no to those three. I’ll take all of them, but that won’t be enough to win the Champions League,” he smiled.

Conte joined the Old Lady in 2011, but he was contacted by the previous management about becoming the Coach.

“I met with sporting director Alessio Secco and I tried to explain how I would have intended to re-launch Juventus.

“Playing an offensive game, but with ball possession starting from the defence. And then having two wide attackers to surprise our opponents. I indicated players as models: Robben, Lennon and Walcott.

“Diego? He asked for my opinion on him. I said, with frankness, that he was a good player but with Trezeguet, Del Piero, Amauri and Iaquinta in the squad, that €25m could be spent in another manner.

“You all know what happened. If a Coach has a specific way that he plays then he can’t be left out when technical decisions are made.”

Juventus finished seventh in 2009-10 and 2010-11.