Wednesday May 8 2013
Palermo refuse Fiorentina change

President Maurizio Zamparini has warned Palermo “will either play at 15.00 or not at all” after Sunday’s game with Fiorentina was moved.

The Lega Serie A announced today that the Week 37 game will kick off at 11.30am UK time (12.30pm local) because there is a stage of the Giro d’Italia cycling race nearby.

The Sicilians, who are battling against relegation, have staged a protest and are threatening to pull out of the match unless it is returned to 15.00 local time.

“This is shameful,” slammed President Zamparini on StadioNews24. “We are in a country without values.

“I cannot understand how the Lega can stand for this. We are going to lose anyway, so we will turn up to play at 15.00. We either play at that time or not at all.

“The change is not made by the local authorities, but by the Lega. At most we will adapt if they move all of the other games to the same kick-off time.”

Palermo fear Siena, Genoa and Torino will know their result in advance, so can play for a specific result.