Wednesday May 15 2013
Balotelli: 'Next time I walk off'

Mario Balotelli told CNN if he is racially abused again, “I’m going to leave the pitch” and was “not surprised” Manchester City sacked Roberto Mancini.

The Milan striker was insulted by a small section of Roma fans at San Siro during Sunday’s 0-0 draw. Referee Gianluca Rocchi followed protocol by stopping the game for two minutes while a statement was read out over the tannoy system warning it could be suspended if the chanting continued.

The Giallorossi were fined €50,000 for the incident, but FIFA President Sepp Blatter and Milan teammate Kevin-Prince Boateng said it was not enough.

“I always said that if it happened in the stadium and nobody say nothing, I don’t care,” Balotelli told CNN.

“But I changed my mind a little bit. If it happens one more time, I’m going to leave the pitch, because it’s so stupid.

“I spoke with Prince and I was about to leave the pitch on Sunday, but they’re gonna think we want to leave because we’re having some difficulty with the game, then we’re gonna win 3-0, but I said no, no, it’s better we play.

“If it wasn’t for this reason, I was gonna leave the pitch on Sunday.”

Balotelli was also asked about his reaction when his mentor Mancini was sacked by Manchester City.

“I’m not really surprised, but I know when I was with him he was a great manager and we had one of the best teams I’ve ever played with.

“I don’t know why they didn’t win, but obviously there were some problems inside. I am here, so I don’t know.”