Friday May 17 2013
Nicchi wants hardline on racism

Head of the Italian Referees' Association Marcello Nicchi has claimed that the game has to be hard on racism.

The game between Milan and Roma was temporarily suspended last weekend after a group of Giallorossi supporters were heard racially abusing some Rossoneri players.

And the former official has insisted that the authorities have to clamp down on these incidences.

“Everyone is free to express their opinions as they wish,” he told reporters. “But there are rules.

“Those who leave the field of play to protest without telling the referee is considered ejected by the referee.

“But I hope it does not come to that. It would be a defeat for the system and to everyone involved.

“You have to give less importance to the phenomenon [of racism] from the media's point of view and start to be hard against the shameful act itself.”