Friday May 17 2013
Conte puts medical staff on the spot

Antonio Conte sat in the front row and asked questions at today’s Press conference, as the Juventus medical staff took centre stage.

Last week the Coach left his assistant managers Angelo Alessio and Massimo Carrera to speak with the media, while this time the 11 members of their medical staff sat at the desk ahead of Saturday’s game with Sampdoria.

“Thank you to Antonio for giving us this opportunity to present the staff who work behind the scenes to cure injuries and also prevent them,” said co-ordinator Fabrizio Tencone.

“My collaborators are Gianluca Stesina, Luca Stefanini, Gianluca Scoraro, Maurizio Pincella, Marco Luison, Emanuele Randelli, Maurizio Delfini, Francesco Pieralisi, Ennio Cavidoni and Dario Garbiero.”

Tencone confirmed the on-going injury problems for Simone Pepe were something of a freak occurrence.

“He had a minor muscular injury, then the healing process transformed and he started to develop scar tissue in the muscle. It is the first time in our careers we had to operate on a player to eliminate scar tissue on muscles. It’s premature to say when he will be back on the pitch.”

Stesina revealed Conte said in his first meeting that he would take care of minor knocks, so players only go to the medical staff when something is seriously wrong.

“Arturo Vidal is the most impressive member of the squad on a physical level, without a doubt. When he leaves the field, it’s because he can barely stand up. The whole team gave their all this season without ever complaining.”

The medical staff also joked with Conte and director Pavel Nedved about their time as players.

“When Nedved fell to the ground I never worried, as he’d just bounce straight back up again. However, when Conte fell to the ground there was reason to worry!”

Conte was in the front row of the Press conference and asked “how stressful is it dealing with injuries and does it make you anxious having to tell the Coach?”

Stesina laughed and replied: “The Coach always takes it very well!”