Friday May 17 2013
Balotelli: 'Happy I'm out of England'

“I’m happy that I’m out of England,” Mario Balotelli told CNN. “I like women and fast cars, but I’m a normal guy.”

The Milan striker has seemed a different person since returning to Serie A from Manchester City in January, scoring 11 goals in 12 games.

“Yes, I was unfairly treated in England, but I’m not here to talk about it. I don’t care. I’m out from England, I’m happy that I’m out from England. That’s it,” he said in an interview with CNN International.

“I'm really happy now. I have my family near me and my friends. I can relax and find my privacy, more than in England, where I was alone.

“The stuff that they said in the newspapers that I did in England in the past, few of those are real. The others are really just the imagination of the journalists.

“But when you create an icon of a person in that kind of way, after everyone thinks you are like this and if you lie about it, everyone just thinks that it is all true. So maybe that's why they think I'm crazy and do crazy things? Sometimes I dream to be alone and that nobody would talk to me.”

SuperMario does drive a camouflage Bentley and is known for his often chaotic love life, but insists that’s only to be expected of a 22-year-old.

“A love of women I think is normal. Cars? I like fast cars and I don't see the problem if I like fast cars.

“Some things have happened in my life, some stuff unfortunately happened and they went on the newspapers straight away. But I don't see anything that would make people think that I'm bad or I'm crazy. I'm a normal guy.

“But I understand that football is really important and that everybody watches it. When you're famous you have to do photos or autographs, especially for the kids.

“Of course, even if you're the best in the world then some people don't like you and some people like you. What is important for me is that the people who know me for real, know Mario how he really is.

“People who don't know me, they read newspapers and they watch TV. Television is made to give a lot of opinions, so I can't show the real Mario to everybody.”