Saturday May 18 2013
Ferrara: 'Samp never wanted me'

Ciro Ferrara slammed Sampdoria for replacing him with Delio Rossi, claiming early wins “messed up their plans.”

The Coach had a sensational start to the season, but then the side lost its way and he was sacked after a seventh consecutive defeat on December 17.

“After I was fired, it was only right to keep my silence until the club secured mathematical safety,” said the former Juventus and Italy Under-21 tactician.

“I picked up 18 points in 17 games. In his first 17 matches in charge, Rossi only earned one more point. I have nothing against Delio, a professional who I respect, but the results we achieved are pretty much identical.

“Some people have analysed the statistics in a skewed manner and I’d recommend they go back to a basic mathematics class.”

The sacking arrived after a 3-1 defeat in Catania and Ferrara looked back at that time.

“In truth I should’ve seen it coming on the Sunday night, when our plane landed in Genoa from Catania,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The general manager Rino Sagramola asked if I’d be in the city tomorrow. He phoned me to announce the decision, saying it was because the club needed to improve their position in the table.

“We always had at least seven teams behind us in the table, so that excuse doesn’t hold water. The truth is that directors Sensibile and Teti had chosen me, whereas Sagramola was never convinced by this decision.

“After we won the Genoa Derby, Sagramola was the only one who didn’t look particularly happy. Maybe I had messed up his plans…

“I called President Edoardo Garrone to compliment him on achieving safety. He will have seen the statistics, but I don’t think he regrets the decision. I believe the success of this season is in part down to me.

“As for Angelo Palombo, I benched him because the club demanded I bring through more young players. They considered him to be the past. I have respect for Palombo, but it’s not true to say I never spoke to him. We once had a two-hour meeting.

“Of course I made mistakes, but I also left the applause to the fans after the derby victory.”