Sunday May 19 2013
Sannino unsure on Palermo

Palermo are doomed to Serie B and Coach Giuseppe Sannino won’t commit to next season yet. “I have to talk to the President.”

The tactician started the season and was fired after three games, then returned after Gian Piero Gasperini, Alberto Malesani and Gasperini again, but was unable to avoid relegation.

“This game with Parma will conclude the season, so we need to play it and it means a lot to me to end the campaign in the right way,” said Sannino.

“It might not count for the table, but it is our duty to end well. I would lke those who step on to the field to be able to say they’ve played in Serie A and even use this as a shop window.”

President Maurizio Zamparini admits he made a “huge mistake” in firing Sannino and has confirmed him for next season, but the situation is far from clear.

“I have to talk to the President and the directors, then we’ll see what we should do. I do not want to create problems. I expect to talk and we’ll get that conversation.

“I am too much of a fair and direct person, so I will speak from the heart and the gut. The most important thing for Palermo is that everyone can participate in the right way.”