Sunday May 19 2013
Calcio cliffhangers

We all love a good cliffhanger, but Susy Campanale feels some stories are just being dragged out for effect.

We have reached the final 90 minutes of the campaign, which in TV series terms would be called the season finale. Many of the major plot points have been tied up, such as the Scudetto winners, second place and relegation. Only the three tickets to Europe are still up for grabs in various permutations, which will also set up an intriguing storyline going into the one-off Coppa Italia special on May 26.

Fans will be switching off their phones and pulling the blinds so they can sit down to watch the events unfold, rooting for their favourite characters to get the happy ending. Others will be live-tweeting furiously to feel in touch with the rest of the watching world, coming together to share their emotions and theories on what develops on screen. Unlike most TV series, everyone has their own idea of who is ‘The Baddie’ and who represents the hero, but each person is rooting for someone.

Of course, a good finale must also leave you on a cliffhanger to set up the next season. Will Napoli and Walter Mazzarri stay together or opt for divorce after four years? Can Roma keep searching for Mr Right? Has Andrea Stramaccioni done enough to earn Inter’s trust despite all the bad luck that dogged their relationship? Has Max Allegri finally had enough of being disrespected by Silvio Berlusconi?

However, some shows clearly know the rules and try to create cliffhangers just for the sake of getting media attention. Napoli have already secured second place and the last two games make no real difference to their season, so why doesn’t Mazzarri just spit it out already? Are you staying or going? He evidently knows his decision, that much was obvious from Saturday’s Press conference, so if he does end up remaining in Naples then it’ll be a massive anti-climax. It’s as if the Coach has taken another television trope, the quiz show host who pauses mid-sentence for what feels like an hour to give you a one-word answer that is written right in front of them. The audience and contestants bite their lips, fighting the urge to shout: “Just get on with it!”

Allegri has more reason to keep his cliffhanger going, as he is not in complete control of the situation. President Berlusconi made his fortune with television companies, so he knows how to play out a scene. Pulling out of the promised visit to the training ground just 10 minutes before he was due to fly in by helicopter. Dropping clues in various interviews, then backtracking so you don’t know which version to believe. The Milan job saga is like the series Lost – they’re dragging this out because none of the writers or stars really know where this is going. If the mystery man turns out to be Clarence Seedorf, then that’s just taking stunt casting too far.

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Hmm, I seem to be edited heavily because I am anti-cheater. Nice pogrom, I mean blog.
on the 19th May, 2013 at 11:45pm
"lol at all the anonymous haters...if you think you could do a better job, then try to get a job at"

They wouldn't hire me. I am not pro-Milan or pro-Rube. I like a lower league team, but there is no room for anyone not of those two groups of supporters. One must like criminals.
on the 19th May, 2013 at 10:43pm
Italian football is dead
on the 19th May, 2013 at 10:24pm
Italy is an African country. Milan's 'recovery' tonight just confirms it. Penalty? Lol
on the 19th May, 2013 at 9:20pm
Has Max Allegri finally had enough of being disrespected by Silvio Berlusconi? My impression is yes. I'm convinced Allegri is going after this season. Once again, our bumbling buffoon of a president is going to drive away an able coach by being overbearing trying to tell the manager his own job. I wouldn't blame Allegri for wanting to jump ship – he's bound to be more appreciated elsewhere. The question for me is who they get in next? And no, Seedorf is certainly not the solution...
on the 19th May, 2013 at 7:53pm
Milan should not hire Clarence Seedorf. They should have sold him back in 2008...2009 at the latest. Do not bring him back. If you want a great Dutch player who was a great Milan player then get the better Milan player (to the point it isn't even worth measuring), the better player period, a guy who has been a great coach. Get yourself the Frank Rijkaard. You should have moved for Guardiola. He would have been interested. You vacillated and played the bad TV drama game too much.
on the 19th May, 2013 at 6:46pm
lol at all the anonymous haters...if you think you could do a better job, then try to get a job at
on the 19th May, 2013 at 2:53pm
Agree Susy, Mazzarri seems to be milking this for all it's worth. There can only be one outcome really, and that is he is leaving. If he was staying he'd have confirmed this a week ago. Or, he's trying to get as much transfer money from DeLa?
I really hope he stays as he's done an amazing job, but even I am tired of his current antics.
on the 19th May, 2013 at 2:24pm
on the 19th May, 2013 at 1:09pm
Roma already has Mr. Right. His name is Mattia DESTRO!
on the 19th May, 2013 at 12:35pm
If Fiorentina would be to progress to the group stages, they'll have a harder group due to UEFA ranking them so low. This is why it is better for Milan to get 3rd as they're group will be easier due to them having a high ranking. As a Napoli supporter, I fear for us as it is likely we will be placed in another group of death because of our low uefa ranking
on the 19th May, 2013 at 11:42am
I get your point, it is the transfer season is what I like to call " the silly season. It may be all part of the game but for us fans it is rather annoying, like the rumors about Claudio Marchisio- is he really going to Man U, PLEASE SAY NO!!!
on the 19th May, 2013 at 11:10am
idiotic blog
this was an anti-climax
last 2 games dont matter yet everyone would be live-tweeting furiously to feel in touch with the rest of the watching world
make up your mind
on the 19th May, 2013 at 10:48am

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