Monday May 20 2013
Milan deny Berlusconi statement

There is huge confusion after Milan denied a message from President Silvio Berlusconi sacking Coach Max Allegri was real.

The club is in chaos this evening after a letter stated as officially from Berlusconi was read out live on television programme Il Processo di Biscardi, where he had been due to give a telephone interview.

Berlusconi has appeared on this show several times, so the letter was considered to be absolutely credible.

However, Milan’s official website has now released a statement assuring “Honorary President Silvio Berlusconi announces he has not made any statements today, nor wrote a letter about Milan.”

The letter had been particularly scathing, suggesting Allegri and the entire coaching staff would be removed.

“There will be a complete change in the coaching staff. We will also, if necessary, re-organise the club structure,” read the letter that has now been denied by Milan.

“After the disastrous start to the season, I met with the Coach and directors to tell everyone this situation had to be overturned.

“I also specified that the team had to step on to the field with a different tactical set-up, as I have a lot of experience in this area.

“The results were seen straight away, modesty aside, starting from the comeback to draw 2-2 with Napoli. From the relegation zone we climbed to third place, earned yesterday by the skin of our teeth.

“I have already called for tomorrow a complete revamp of the coaching staff and, if it were needed, a more efficient and complete re-organisation of the club structure.”