Tuesday May 21 2013
Cassano: 'No regrets in life'

Antonio Cassano said his heart problem made him realise “you cannot have regrets in life. I think I’ve given all I could.”

The forward had been on his way back from a Roma-Milan match when he felt dizzy and had trouble speaking, so was rushed to hospital with what was later diagnosed as a stroke.

It was caused by a congenital heart defect and corrected with surgery that kept him out for six months.

Cassano is currently recovering from another operation, as he fractured his hand in three places during an Inter training session last week.

“My hand really hurts still, even though it has improved since the surgery. I think it’ll be fully recovered in about 20 days,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Of course, this is nothing compared to what happened to my heart. That problem made me understand many things about the world, because when you’re between life and death, it makes you see things differently.

“I realised that you cannot have regrets in life. I think I’ve given all I could and I’m happy with what I achieved in 15 years of my career.”

Cassano is expected to leave Inter this summer with interest from Dubai and Monaco.